Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The photo that stands out to me the most is the one that the 7 students was turn away from attending school. This isuue dont exist today as in the sense that minorities are being turn away from school but as we as discuss in class the location of where these minorities are located the education that there are being provoded is not the same as the "white" people. Yes its not out right a form a segregation but if you look deep into it it you will see that minotities are still being segregated against. What I got from Obama esay is that what African Americans experience here in the United State is different from other countires. this countrie is the only one that put such a strong segregation on minorities. Other countrie if they do believe that colored people dont not deserve the same rights its not that a big isuue as how we make it here in America.

This refernce is about the a R&B singer who decided to remake Bob Marley song "Redemption Song " over. Rhianna redo this song over when the crisis hit Haiti. This song was done to raise fund for the redevolpment and to help assist with all the medical attention that was needed in the country. The artist choose this song to remake because she felt that this song bring comfort when time in need.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Topic for Essay # 3

For essay # 3 I will be interested in looking into the work of one of Bob Marley Song "Redemption Song". Although this was an reggae song that serve for the purpose of jamaican's I would believe that this song would be a good work of art that could have been to react to the unjust that balacks was facing durning this time. A verse from the song states that "None but ourselves can free our minds". We may be in captivity but we should not allow of minds to be tied up with the curruptions that is taking place around us.

Essay # 2

Within art there have been many types of movement that correspond with a particular belief or method of interpretation. Among these movements “The Black Panther Party Platform’ and “Puerto Rican Obituary” have distinguished themselves with providing a manifesto of their intentions and beliefs. Both movements called for an end to racism/injustice for their peer. The Black Panther Party Platform was calling for equality among black people during the 1960’s. “We want freedom. We want power to determine the destiny of our black community”. “The Puerto Rican Obituary” by Pedro Pietri pointed out that Puerto Ricans are dying from waiting for a change, “”Juan died waiting for his number to hit…..” Although The Black panther Party Platform called for a stop of unfair treatment to blacks Pedro Pietri used a different method he just explained why Puerto Rican is diminishing. One of the platform arguments is that it demanded that the needs of black community be met and oppression towards them to be ended immediately, “We want an end to the robbery by the white man of our Black Community”. The Platform felt that they were robbed and as per The Reconstruction they were promised to get restitution from slavery and still there wasn’t any form of payment were being made. They felt that Americans was government was racist and robbing them of all that they deserved. With this request that was being asked could not repay them for the suffering that they’d experience but could be just a payment for gratitude

Monday, April 12, 2010

read-a thon

i had a very good experience at the read a thon all who wasnt in attendance you guys missed an awsum day. not only the weather was good but all the good speakers came out. One of the readers that i enjoyed was a young man that sopke about sexual kitchen, this work used the discription of ssalads and compared it to a human body part. the other reader that was also good was the piece that was called sexist. this describe the difference between a male and a female whore, Th eamount of money one will make as either a female or male whore. This leads down to the female whore will make substancial amount of money than of the male whore.

instutionalized or individual racism

instutinalized racism is purposely discriminating againist against certain group of people through the use of bias laws or practice. Individual racism is the beief attitude and actions that support or perpetutate racism. Individual racism is very popular today.. Although it has been over numerous years that slavery and racism is over there is some people that still practice it and have the belief that they are superior than other group of people. Institutional racism was important back in the 60's that is when blacks didnt have any rights and was being treated like they didnt receive the same opportunity as whites.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is art and politics to me

I never had a direct exposure to politics and protest. The only knowledge that I have is all that I was thought in school and what I seen on T.V. Music is very important to me because it shows a form of expression and without saying a word a song can tell all about a current or prior situation or experience. Music calms your mood and relaxes and rage or anger that I will be feeling. Just like a lid in fear once their parent comes around all the anxiety that they have will go away. Music takes one to a different state of mind when the lyrics or beat is one that have a catch. My view of the world change when I watch movies regarding slavery and the unjust treatment of not only colored but others who wanted to stand up for equality. Yes every one knew slavery existed but to hear it from those who experienced it personally really changed my look towards the whole situation. Not only did this show me that I must not take what I have for granted I must appreciate every moment of it. At the end of this class I would like to leave with a more clearer understanding of what politics and protest is all about, the necessary steps that one need to take to start a protest and what motivated people back in the slavery days to start a protest.